About Us

We provide our clients a life changing experience through education and motivation with customised exercising methods.


Beyond the Zone is a fitness facility servicing clients within the inner metropolitan suburbs of Melbourne.  We believe and provide our clients with a, positive, motivating and welcoming training facility. We believe and know that everyone should experience what it feels like to belong to a TEAM (Together, Everyone, Achieves, More).
Our team of instructors are passionate and very experienced in helping you to achieving you’re personal fitness and lifestyle goals.  


“I am passionate and believe the importance of leading a positive, happy and healthy lifestyle. I love to motivate and encourage people of all ages, guiding them to being the absolute best they ‘CAN BE’ and ‘WANT TO BE’. Anything and everything CAN be achieved if you’re willing to work-hard ‘FOR IT’ and ‘AT IT’….both in FITNESS & LIFE.”


Our vision is to educate our clients to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle.
We strive to motivate and encourage our clients that exercising is for life and not seasonal.
We value honesty, fairness, integrity and team work in all of our interactions!
We strive ourselves on providing a warm and welcoming environment where individuals are valued and supported in meeting their personal goals.

“Our clients are more confident, motivated and understand that they need to work out of their comfort zones in order to achieve their life goals”

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